oh my god


starts from 1:24 from this video its true and hes trash

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Good night imma dream of harry yanking on zayns hair and then profusely apologizing and giving him shampoo massages after the fact

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Do yall pronounce it ‘zouis’ or ‘zewis’ lbr

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+I've always pronounced louis right but zouis is zewis 

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+bae  +😎 


(Pull my hair, Pull it hard) // (Pull my hair, Pull it tight) 

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+coughs loudly  +im going to go study now 

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+i have this dress  +it looks much better on him 

January 2012

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+what is this hair  +da bae when he was a bae  +idgi  +his hair is so...mushroom 

i’m taking a figure drawing and anatomy course soon so that should make my porn drawing skillzz increase 

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+personal notes 

inferiordreamer replied to your post: (Pull my hair, Pull it hard) // (…

Why are you trying to hurt me 😩

it hurts me just as much paige. >.< harry pulling zayn’s hair mid-sexy time just had to be done. :)

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